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Jewell Fire and Rescue - Covid-19 information


In the face of the Covid-19 Pandemic and the fear that uncertainty generates, rest assured in the certainty that Jewell Fire and Rescue is dedicated to preserving your life, property and the environment; if we are called, we will respond. Part of our mission is the treatment and transport of the sick and injured. Of course, if some of our members are sick, they do not respond, but with mutual aid agreements with the other services of Hamilton County, all calls for help will be answered. Whether law, fire or EMS, all calls will be answered.

Because we, too, follow the recommendations of the Iowa State Department of Public Health relating to social distancing in an effort to slow the spread of Covid-19, we take extra precautions to protect both your and our health safety. If you have flu-like symptoms and call 9-1-1, an initial screening is initiated. Questions are asked by the dispatch operator specifically designed to ascertain if Covid-19 is a possibility. One of the questions is “Have you contacted your physician?”. If you do not have a personal doctor, it will be suggested you call 2-1-1 to be put in touch with one. If you request an ambulance, when they come to your door, a further assessment will be done before anyone enters the household. If the assessment reveals there is not an imminent life threat, you will not be transported to a hospital and it will be recommended you shelter in place. Do not take it upon yourself to visit your clinic or emergency room. This is because Emergency Rooms around the state are concentrating on the patients most in need with critical symptoms. If arrangements need to be made to care for you with food or other services, calls can be made to facilitate that. If you do indeed exhibit these critical symptoms, you will, of course, be transported to the appropriate facility.

Jewell Fire and Rescue urges everyone in our community to heed the critical recommendations of the Iowa Department of Public Health, the Hamilton County Department of Public Health and the Hamilton County Emergency Manager and practice social distancing, frequent hand washing and voluntary quarantine if you become ill or have been exposed to a known infection.

 Duane Hendrickson, Chief

Jewell Fire and Rescue