City of Jewell....A Gem in a Friendly Setting!

Jewell is a small, but growing community centrally located in the heartland of Iowa.  Friendly residents, industrious business owners and community service volunteers all contribute towards the economic growth and development of this blossoming "Gem in a Friendly Setting."



Be prepared.

Be prepared

September has arrived, and autumn is well on its way.

As the summer heat begins to fade, and the first hints of red and gold begin to appear, it’s a great time to relax and enjoy the mild weather. Next Monday, September 7, is Labor Day/ Labour Day, a day which honors the achievements of our workforce —a "yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our countr[ies].” Department of Labor.  
So, take a break, rest from your labor, and enjoy the respite. 

Then, after your rest, take advantage of this time to plan ahead. September is considered “National Preparedness Month” in the US: a month to get ready, to get prepared for harsher weather and conditions that will be coming, and a time to prepare for any emergencies that might arise.  So, use this September to make sure that you —and your home— are ready.

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City wide fall garage sales


The fall city wide garage sales will be Saturday, October 3rd from 8:00am till 2:00 pm. 

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Carmichael Street Closing


Carmichael Street will be closed Tuesday, September 15 through Friday, September 18 for resurfacing.  Please avoid the area so the work can be completed.  Thank you!



Please watch the video for important 2020 Census information.

Thank you!



Please do not flush clorox wipes or baby wipes down the toilet.

These will create a back-up in the City's sewer line that no one will like dealing with!