Jewell Area Development Enterprise (J.A.D.E.)

J.A.D.E. was originally incorporated as the Jewell Community Club on April 5, 1973 under Section 36 of the Iowa Non Corporation Act.  The Articles of Incorporation were amended on June 3, 1982 and the name was changed to Jewell Area Development Enterprise, LTD.  In 1993, J.A.D.E. became part of the Iowa Main Street Program through a county wide membership through Hamilton County S.E.E.D.  J.A.D.E. has been an active participant in the Iowa Main Street Program and has won nineteen awards over the past twenty years.  

While J.A.D.E. has sponsored or assisted with various events and activities in Jewell over the last twenty years, the most recent years have been devoted to building renovations on Jewell's Main Street, business recruitment and business support of various programs.  

The J.A.D.E. Board Members are all volunteers who were elected to the three year board position at the annual J.A.D.E. meeting in February.  Each year dozens of Jewell volunteers help with numerous events.  Several dozen businesses support the work of J.A.D.E. through their annual membership fee of $150.00.

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PO Box 475
Jewell, IA 50130
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